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Our training collar, its a prong collar and so much more. Have you had your prong collar come apart on you? Do you have a hard time putting it on and taking it off. Do you get dirty looks from strangers when you pass by?

Here’s your product!

Your power is your secret.

Now Available in a snap on and off at the same price.

Due to supply reasons you may receive these prongs with tips.

Just email me your preference. Make it quickly as we ship fast!

Just remember the snap since its plastic is the weakest link

Recommended and sold by Vets and Dog trainers across the U.S.A and Canada.

Be smart – Buy the real thing, not a copy

Leashes match the color of the webbing, in the collar, no ribbon.

Start with a full set of prongs. Note no prongs in the trachea area.As your dog is trained you may take prongs out separately. Use all or none. Still a beautiful collar.



4  2.3 FITS  8.5 – 16.5                                               40.00
6 2.3 FITS 11 – 19                                                       45.00
8 2.3 FITS 12 .5 – 21 .5 –                                           45.00
10 2.3 FITS 15 – 25 IN                                               50.00
12 2.3 FITS 16.5 – 27 IN                                            55.00
14 2.3 FITS 19 – 31 IN                                                60.00


6 3.2 FITS 11 – 20 IN                                                   55.00
8 3.2 FITS 14 – 28 IN                                                   55.00
10 3 .2 FITS 18 – 31 IN                                                  58.00
12 3.2 FITS 20 – 34 IN                                                  62.00


6 PRONG FITS 7 – 12IN                                               42.00
8 PRONG FITS 8.5 – 15 IN                                           45.00
10 PRONG FITS 9.75 – 17 .5 IN                                    55.00
12 PRONG FITS 10.5 – 19 IN                                        60.00
14 PRONG FITS 12.5 – 20.5 IN                                     68.00

How to put your new prong collar on your dog:

Always turn the collar inside out to put on and take off

Turn it over and position it high on the neck

Adjust by sliding down tri-slide

Finish up with the collar ready to trai

Our Secret Powers training collars are different from all other prong collars.
The number of prongs is determined by the size of your dogs neck. Measure up high on the neck right behind the dogs ears, nice and snug.
All of our collars are adjustable and will fit within a certain range for each size.
If your dog is still growing you would want to allow for that growth.
The collar should fit from pup to full grown.

Micro prongs
They are tiny prongs , usually for smaller breeds. They could be straightened out and become ineffective is used by larger breeds.
They are made in 1 inch lightweight webbing. Leashes are available must call us to order leashes.
Our largest size fits a 20 inch neck.

2.3 mm prong

This is a medium size prong with rounded tips.
We have the black rubber prong tips, by request only

This is the size used by most dogs
Dogs with short coats , or thin coats

3.2 mm prong
This is a large , heavy gauge prong made for dogs with the heavy coat , or double coated.
The large prong is to be able to push through the heavy coat
This collar will stick out from the neck if the coat is not thick or long the heavy coat conceals the large prongs.

Snap is a 2 piece plastic snap that goes around the dogs neck and clicks or snaps together. The snaps are strong plastic they don’t break easy , but can be chewed if dog left unattended.

The regular
Has all metal hardware it does not snap but goes over the dogs head and then
It is the stronger of the two styles
Both collars are adjustable
The prongs can be removed and put back whenever needed

The collars wash well
Put in pillowcase wash in machine
Air dry

Repairing your Lola Limited collar


We can repair most issues with our collars.
We will replace the strap with a new one, if it’s been chewed or shows wear
We will sew any part of the collar, elastics or anything that needs to be

We can replace any broken or bent metal hardware on the collar with new ones.

We can shorten the strap by as much as 6 inches
Removing any more than 6 inches will cause the collar to sit differently on the dog’s neck and is not recommended.

We can add as much as 4 inches to the strap if needed for little extra room.

Adding over 4 inches will cause the strap to hang down from the dog’s neck and is not recommended.

The cost of the repair is $ 10.00 plus $ 5.00 to ship it back to you.

Our collars can not be changed from a regular to a snap or back once they have been made.

There is an $ 5.00 charge for a custom order

and these collars are NOT returnable.

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