This page is devoted to the best friend a person could ever have. It is her story and little tales of her travels, and of course lots of pictures of what she is up to now.

Dymon’s What Lola Wants Winmar CGC Service Dog

Lola at 10 weeks still wraped in the afgan her breeder gave me.

Little did I know in the spring of 2002, when I purchased my Doberman puppy (Lola) how my life would change. I had planned to train her as a Service dog, so I started a just a few days after I brought her home. We began with the basics, sit, down, stay and worked almost every day in five minute lessons, 2 to 3 times a day. She learned very quickly. Then on April 25th, 2002 my husband suffered his second brain aneurysm. I put her training cape on her and off to the hospital we went. My husband spent 3 weeks in the hospital, and Lola went with me everyday. She was around all kinds of equipment and people, and she took it all in stride.

At 6 months she started her first lessons at Handi-dog. I can’t express enough what a wonderful organization they are. She was certified in April of 2003 at the age of 14 months. It was a 2 hour plus test that started at our home, went to a department store, and then to a restaurant. She passed with flying colors (even though she refused to sit when we stopped on a heel). She has since been recertified for 2 more years.

At 3 months in training

On December the 4th of 2004 we went on a Cruise. Did you know there really is a poop deck on a ship? Well there is and we’ve been on it! LOL. What they do is put down a peice of carpet and then put on top of that a special litter. It is scented and she just went on it like she had been doing it for life. She participated in the Hairy Chest contest. Well they didn’t say Hairy “man” chest! I think it was rigged cause she didn’t win. It was good for her confidence to get out in front of all those people. Of course most everyone on the ship had alot of fun with her and if nothing else she was able to make alot of people smile.

Lola on poop deck

Lola with her blanket, oh yeah and Dad too!

Lola has done alot of traveling in her 3 years on earth. She lives here in Tucson Arizona, but has made many trips by plane. She has made many trips to Indiana. I have family there and we try to get back yearly. She has played at the beach on both coasts. She loves to run on the beach in and out of the waves chasing birds.Shes even been to a college basketball game.

Lola and her brother Gunner met up in California for a photo op.

Lola in a cell at Alcatraz. Doesn’t she look happy? Later in the day she made new friends while paying on the beach.

How Embarrassing Mom!!

Don’t forget to flush!