This page is dedicated to my customers. On this page I will print the feedback and pictures of their dogs with Lola Limited collars and leashes on.

Hello Kaye! Just wanted to let you know that your collar came in today. It only took 3 days!!! Well I absolutely LOVE it!!! Its the prettiest collar Kozmo owns, and it is now his favorite. Thank you so much for the fast service and making such beautiful collars. I will be for sure buying another one soon. Keep up the awesome work!

Eloise Behrends wrote:

My collars arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous and well made. The green collar which Spock wears every day  looks wonderful on his red coat. My thanks to you for prompt delivery.

Amanda & Kozmo

I just had to thank you so much for Sadie’s new Martingale collar and leash.  I tried it on her as soon as I opened it and she responded much better with the 5/8″ collar than the 1″ that I had used before.  You did lie to me as the show last week.  You said it would take 2 weeks to arrive and it was 6 days.  Ha, ha.  Thanks again and I will be ordering from you again and again.  I’m attaching a picture of our Sadie with her new collar and Leash.
Sincerely,  Judi and Sadie Hill


Jessica Coe wrote:

Dear Kaye,
I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the collar and leash set that I ordered from you.  Not only is it fabulous looking, but it’s also a very strong and well made collar.  I like the fact that it’s adjustable and washable.  It’s much too pretty for everyday use, but since I love it so much, as well as all the compliments we are getting on it, Baron we
ars it everywhere.  Thanks a million.Jessica


Update Augest 21st

The gold leash and collar got soo filthy camping Kaye!  And I know they are washable, but I was afraid to wash it, things never look as nice once they have been washed, especially dog collars…….
Well anyway it came out of the wash looking brand spanking new.  I cannot believe how well the collar and leash washed!  Unbelieveable!
I can’t wait to get Baron his winter dog coat, so I can get a matching leash for it haahaa


Victoria Hall owner of Vicaral Dobermans wrote:

Dear Kaye & Lola,

I want to tell you how much my Dobergirl, Charis and I enjoy her lovely Iced Lavender set from the Elite Line.  We are very classy when we go to the mall for our socialization outings.

Charis is still learning and has more “pull” than manners, so the strength of both the leash and collar are appreciated.  They are super.

I will be getting Charis more “designer clothes” soon.

Victoria Hall & Charis Calescent Betelges

Charis Calescent Betelges

Jean Schillings owner of Owner of Desert Flames Dobes and Min Pins wrote:

Hi Kaye & Lola
I must say that I find the Collars & Leashes I recently purchased are
incredible. I have found the strength to be great, not what I imagined.
we can go places in style, comments galore. Thanks Again for adding a little Class in our dogs life. Can’t wait to see your little dog line.

Desert Flames Dobes & Min Pins

Jean Schilling, Cain’s Revenge Betelges

& Candi Kane von Vicaral


Beth Szczygiel wrote:


Dear Kaye & Lola:
Well I can officially say my dogs are dressed better
than I am! The quality to detail is exemplary, I was
beyond pleased. I have already received numerous
compliments on the Daisy Leaf & Gold ‘N Heather
fabrics. Aspen & Chelsea will definitely be repeat
Beth Szczygiel

Aspen in the Daisy Leaf Prong collar cover and leash Chelsea in Gold “n” Burgundy martingale collar and leash


Yavonne Kraf of Heart and Soul Kennels wrote


Hello from germany,

This is Yvonne. Victoria Hall send me a collar and leash set, from yours.
It is GREAT!!!  My AmStaff male Sammy is very, very happy to have such a beautiful Collar and leash now.
Thank you soo much for doing such nice collars and leads !!!
I  attached a picture of Sammy and his new Set :o)

Thank you,

Yvonne and Sammy


Heart and Soul Kennel
American Staffordshire Terrier & Whippets
e Kraf

Michelle writes,

Hi Kaye,

I’ve received the collars and leads, and all I can say is WOW. The pictures don’t really do them justice, they are so unusual and beautiful. It makes me want to throw a party just to show off their new duds. Rita looks like a princess diva and is prancing around showing it off. She loves to try on collars and gets very excited when you tell her what a pretty girl she is. Rocco also is one handsome dude. The green really looks nice against his red fur. Again thank you for the well made collars. We’ll be out and about showing them off this weekend…and when people ask, I’ll tell them GO TO LOLALIMITED!!!

Take care,


Carol Minkus wrote

OMG Kaye, they are beautiful. The one for Ashley looks so great on her. Thanks for doing the dark green nylon and for also doing the specially designed modified slip choker style. The burgandy in the collar does not clash with her red coat like I thought it might. Shadow looks so regal in his purple/silver (thought it might have been blue from the picture on your website) collar. Really complements his coat coloring


Hi Kaye – Got the collars today…per your request for a comparison….

Boy, are they beautiful – your website does NOT do the ribbons justice. I just love the dark colors of the nylon. I got three different ones this time – the French Blue which is a very nice blue/silver on a dark blue nylon, the Golden Hunter (my favorite for a red Dobe) the green/gold on the forest green nylon is especially pretty and for my boss at work, the Gold n Heather which is a purple/gold on a dark purple nylon – since her Dobe is black, this will look very nice. Since I was among the first orders you did, I am very pleased with the improvements that you have made. The best IMO is the little larger slip part of the modified choker style – the earlier one was a little bit short. You have done a first rate job with finishing the edges and the larger D rings really set the collars off. All in all Kaye, a very professional job you can be very proud of. I rank your collars right up there with Sunnyhill Designs but easier to get <g>. One other nice touch was the tag on the collar with your logo and washing instructions. Thanks for a couple of your very nicely done business cards. I will be sure to pass them out to people who admire Ashley’s new look :))

Take care Kaye and rest assured I will be ordering more collars in the future.

Carol Minkus
PS – feel free to use this on your testimonial page.



Oh Kaye – I got Bailey’s collar today and it is beautiful… You have learned a few tricks along the way and it surely makes for a better collar…LOL.  I like that the nylon part is not so thick/heavy on the small collars. The one I ordered from you for Shadow way back when was much thicker and did not lay as nicely where they come together. I am going to post pics of the collar and Bailey wearing it on my Cairn forum and the main Cairn e-mail list. I’ll also post your website so others can order.

Thanks again for doing such a great job. No wonder your selling well at the shows..


Christina writes;

The collars arrived today and they look great… And seem very sturdy
You do great work!
Here are a couple pictures of the furkids wearing their new stuff!

Kira Levi

Tricia writes:

Just wanted to let you know I have received loads of compliments on the collar you made for my red dobergirl.  You did a wonderful job, she looks so beautiful sunbathing.  Keep up the good work!

Irene writes:

Here’s Daisy and Trevor in their new clothes! As you can see they are quite happy with them. Pictures just don’t do justice to the beautiful material on these collars. I love the softness of them too.

Helga Milberg writes:

The collar and leash you made me worked perfectly. I like the way
I can
slip the collar on to Hunter’s head without having to buckle or snap
enclosure. The material used for the collar and leash is light weight,
therefore more comfortable for my arthritic hands. I make use of all
hand loops to vary the lenght of the lead.This is a very strong, well
and elegant set.I am delighted with it.
Helga E.Milberg and Hunter


Gwen Gerow writes:

Hi Kaye…
I just wanted to send a note to let you know that the collar I ordered
arrived promptly and looks great! I think it’s absolutely beautiful,
but my
husband says it makes Remington look like a girl.
Oh well, what do men know about this stuff anyway?
I’ve attached a picture of Remington with his new collar. Thanks
Kaye, great product!

Craig Hunter writes:
I got these collars for my dogs immediately when I discovered how wrong the
traditional metal choker collars were. While I thought myself an
enlightened animal lover, I never knew how bad those old choker chains were
for my babies. Now I do, and ALL my future animals will be outfitted
LolaLimited.com!! Thanks, Kay!
Craig Hunter
Tucson, AZ