Happy Customer

Happy Customer

Written by : Posted on May 28, 2013 : 18 Comments

I just got me dog collar a few hours ago. Thank you so much for all your help picking out the right one. The Black elegance looks great on the black dog . As you said it would and it hides it very well also. I passed your flyer on to my good friend, But I held on to the Card. I am so pleased in every way with the style and fit. I just love it..

I used the collar on my male dobie tonight. Who is 22 months old and a handful, after my 2 back surgery’s. It was nice to take him for a walk with out a lot the terrible looks from people. Tomorrow we will go to the pet store.

Thank you
Pam Megyesi and maximus


  1. Rosco Peko Train on said:

    I just wanted to say thank you. Me and my mommy are so happy to have our secret powers 🙂 happy dog happy mommy 🙂

  2. Robin on said:

    I received my secret powers “Black Elegance” collar yesterday. Zita (Doberman) and I just got back from our 6 mile run. This by far was the “BEST” run we have had. Zita found me one year ago. She was a 2 year old rescue from SADAR. Zita was not leashed trained and we have really struggled with pulling. I have to say I never thought I would be a fan of the prong collar. I just never liked the idea of it! We have tried everything from a front clip harness, gentle leader, and choke chain. The gentle leader helped a lot, but she really hated wearing it. The choke chain did just that “choke”. When she sees a squirrel or another dog she wants to meet nothing seems to stop her from trying to pull right thru on a run. We have done a lot of training and she has gotten a lot better, but this seems to stick with her. Today our run was so enjoyable for the both of us! The run was full of “good girl, I’m so proud of you, good job, I love you!”. When she saw the squirrels and other dogs Zita started to change direction and was met with a gentle tug from HER pulling. Never once did I have to pull on the leash. She stopped immediately and redirected herself to me on command. It stopped the frustration on the run and in turn made us both happy! I love the look (I have to say she looks very classy!) and the construction of the collar seems very well made. I also love the open space in the middle for the trachea. For the final comment….I also really love the fact that it hides the prongs and makes other people I encounter on our runs not afraid of her or think that I am a horrible owner. I just ordered another collar for when we want to go out and look good and don’t need the prongs! Girls always need choice of what to wear!! 🙂 Thanks for a great product!

  3. quickarmy1990@yahoo.com on said:

    I bought my last collar from you at a dog show after a scare with traditional pinch collar where my baby a 4 year old Siberian husky broke her pinch collar your product. Made me more relaxed walking my dog and I’m looking forward to have one again now since I live close to a busy highway

  4. revss1984@gmail.com on said:

    I agree with both comments above! I now have a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd. Got the Elite collar for her at 6 mos. so it was time for a new one. WARNING: BEWARE DOG PARKS!!! Her leash was stolen there on the fence used by everyone.

    She is SO much easier to walk with this product-it’s amazing. And beautiful in looks, construction, designs, feel, colors-Wouldn’t buy anything else!

    Now for some equally well-designed rain boots???

  5. Kelle Conradi on said:

    I agree with all the other customers they are beautiful and well made. I ordered 2 collars for my 8 month old boxers and received both within 5-7 days. I have email your web-site to trainers and friends in the Sacramento area.

    Thank you for the great product!!!

  6. These collars are amazing. I just purchased my 4th secret powers collar and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. I have always owned bully breeds and hate the looks we get when walking my dogs with a prong collar. These are amazing because they don’t look like a prong collar but work just as well if not better. I also love that it does not have any prongs near the trachea. Thanks for such an amazing product!!!!

  7. Janet Fridge on said:

    I just love my Secret Powers collar for Gemma, my rambunctious Border Collie. It kooks great on her and fits perfectly. Just what we needed to help with her loose-leash walking, I am glad I got the snap-on version – as it makes it so much easier to put on and take off.
    Thank you for offering such a well-made and beautiful control collar. And I love that as Gemma gets better trained, I can remove the links and still have the lovely collar.

  8. shawaiian52@hotmail.com on said:

    I purchased a collar from you awhile back in Long Beach, Ca, at the Great Western Bull Terrier Show for my female and now using it to my male bully. He is well behave walking now compare with the harness type. I just got the new once in the mail. I do hope that this does not apart that easy. Cause my boy does take off on me when he sees ankle bitter dogs especially Boston Terriers. Even though he does bite them just plays with them, other dog owners get scared of the situations. Again thank you, probably buy the other type also, we’ll how it works out.

  9. Sam Balidio on said:

    I have bought two collars from you and my 3year old Bull Terrier is a lot easier to walk now than before. I have recommended your product from the store I buy my dog food from and she was really very interested of the product and that she would sell it at her store, she also is in charged of dog training by lady inmates of rescued dog here in Las Vegas, NV.

  10. Janet Malcolm on said:

    I called my wonderful trainer (Jean Owen, NJ Fix My Dog) because my six month old puppy was so strong and out of control I was afraid to walk her in all our ice and snow. Along with her incredible affinity for dog communication, Jean brought our first Lola collar — the answer to my prayers. I’ve used prongs in the past, but I now have arthritis in both hands and wrists, so simply getting one on and off is a major project. Plus they do at times come apart. I love the snap release and really love the trachea opening. After one session with Jean and Lola, Lacy doesn’t even challenge my control — miraculous. If there was anything I’d change about the collar, it would be to have a chain portion on the tail (extension). I realize it would add weight and cost and could not be all chain, but my brother left the collar on (I never do unless we’re training) and Lacy chewed nearly all the way through. Hence, my second Lola collar. It’s a truly terrific product, and I expect I’ll get more (I love the styles), but a short length of chain might discourage chewing. Lacy’s only 6 months old and will hopefully outgrow this annoying habit, but in any case, we’ll always have a Lola collar or two.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful, practical innovation.
    Janet Malcolm

  11. kaye Marscke on said:

    The main reason I don’t use chain is that a dog is so smart that they can l=
    earn how long the chain noise is until the poke comes, with this collar the=
    y don’t know when it is coming. So that being said I can repair that collar=
    for $5. plus S&H

  12. Karen Ingalls on said:

    I bought my GSD a large collar about a year ago. He was trained on a regular prong collar but as we were going to a dog get together (he was an honorary Chow Chow since he was attending his “sister” Chow Chow event), I was fortunate to find this collar before the event where just about everyone there frowns on pinch collars. After adopting a Anatolian/Chow Chow mix, I needed to get an extra large prong collar for his obedience class. The pinch collar was so difficult to put on. I had a very hard time trying to squeeze the prongs together. I finally gave up and used the GSD’s collar on him. It served it’s purpose but my ASD/Chow mix has a big head and neck.The place where I bought the first collar gave me this website information and I can’t wait to get the new bigger size collar! These collars are excellent!

  13. Jodi DeLabar on said:

    Just got my collar this week. My Labrardor Retriever looks good in it. She works very well with it on. So much lighter than the chain prong collars. I would recommend theses collars to anyone. They look great on the dogs as well. Thanks again,

  14. Dee Pettinger on said:

    Ordered 2 weeks ago. My money was sent by PayPal, but no order confirmation. No leases no collar.
    2 phone calls with no reply.
    Very unhappy

    • kaye Marscke on said:

      Our shop has been hit hard by the nasty virus going around here in Indiana. We are trying very hard to get caught up with a smaller crew. So sorry you have had to wait so long. Normally you would have had your order by now

  15. Kathy C. on said:

    I have to thank Kaye for providing excellent customer service and a quality product. When my husband and I both placed orders for collars for our two German Shepherds we explained the duplicate order problem to Kaye and she quickly refunded one of the orders without any issues. Our two collars arrived today and what a difference it makes. We are attending a doggy good manners training and these collars were recommended by the trainers. We even had a chance to try a couple sample collars from the trainer and that is all that we needed to see. It was well worth it to get these collars. I definitely recommend them.

  16. Dawanna Wilson on said:

    We have two standard poodles we walk a lot. One of them likes to try to chase bikes and would chase a car if she could. These collars are a life saver. They are absolutely beautiful and no one knows that its a pinch collar. Wonderful craftsmanship. I ordered one months ago and just ordered my second one. Thank you for making this experience much more enjoyable.

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